Ian Essig

Director of Analytics - Ballard High School

Football Coach - Ballard High School

My name is Ian Essig, and I LOVE sports.

I began playing organized sports in kindergarten, with the privilege of being coached by my father. He taught me how to be a leader and how to compete.

​I had the opportunity to play football for nearly a decade. I missed having the opportunity to compete. So I joined a pro wrestling school, where I trained alongside current AEW star Darby Allin.

But, my body broke down and I couldn't keep going. Wrestling was over for me. I took a forklift job, and was bored out of my mind.

My friend invited me to his wedding in Rome, and I have never felt so euphoric. Leaving for the country for the first time gave me a feeling that I want something more. My best friend is a coach at our alma mater, Ballard High School. He brought me into his room and asked if I'd watch spring drills with him. I couldn't stop critiquing and analyzing. A need came over me. I needed to help my neighborhood with something I know best, football. He asked me if I wanted to coach, and tears streamed for my eyes. There was a purpose in my life: do better for my city.

The day I returned to Seattle, I handed in my resignation at my forklift job. I didn't even have the coaching gig, but I knew I had to take a change. I called the head coach and left a voicemail so long that I had to call again and leave a second message. I couldn't contain my excitement. Thankfully, neither could the coach. I got the job, I applied for a full-time position with Seattle Public Schools, I took risks and it paid off in fulfillment.

I quickly did what I knew best, analyzed statistics. I've been creating my own rankings with advanced metrics since I was a child. Before online video game downloads, I would spend my summers editing the college football rosters. I'd scour through statistics, edit ratings, enter names, change equipment of every college football team. It's something I've always felt a need to do, make sure things are correct in ways I know how.

Fast forward to 2020, and I built the entire XFL league on Madden, based on college stats and Madden ratings from previous years.

I became the Director of Analytics, and helped lead Ballard High School to its first undefeated season in its 112 year school history, and I don't want to leave until we win the Washington State title. I track every game with advanced statistics for every position. Evaded tackles, pressures allowed, drop rate, so many more. I scout every opponent using advanced stats. This is what I love to do. Find out why good players are good. Find out what they need to work on. Find out who's going to be good.

Ballard Football has helped me discover my core values: commitment, cooperation, conduct, and compete.

My goal is to be the greatest sports analyst of my generation. One ranking at a time.